Documented Functionality Tests Now Standard for Grundfos Booster Pump Systems

Grundfos Booster PumpAll of Grundfos’ Hydro Booster Pump systems will now contain copies of individual product functionality reports, helping to ensure top quality performance in the field.

The global pump manufacturer reported that all of its Hydro systems (Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ, Hydro Multi-E and Hydro Multi-B) will ship with documented performance testing. The quality control report will include a complete system hydrostatic test, a no-flow detection function test, a water shortage alarm function test and a two-point set-point performance curve test.

Grundfos also offers more extensive testing options including a Verified Performance Test that allows customers to physically observe the testing from a viewing platform and a Remote Witness Verified Performance Test, which the customer can view via video conferencing.

All testing is conducted with clean water, treated with mechanical and carbon filters and an ultraviolet light system. This ensures that all boosters leave the facility clean and ready for installation, a crucial point especially for those systems being shipped to serve water delivery applications.

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