SEMCO’s New Branded Product Selection Software Suite Debuts with ExpressSelect FV

SEMCO LLC has released ExpressSelect FV, the first of a suite of product selection software modules under its new ExpressSelect brand.

ExpressSelect FV debuts SEMCO’s branded ExpressSelect software suite, which is scheduled for a 2016 roll out for each of its commercial desiccant, chilled beam and duct/panel equipment lines that are marketed throughout North America. ExpressSelect FV is designed specifically for the Fresh Air Ventilator Series outdoor air heat recovery and pre-conditioner systems used in hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools and other commercial facility HVAC designs.

ExpressSelect is one of the HVAC industry’s easiest, quickest and most comprehensive design selection and sizing software tool. It’s accessed with any web browser and operates from the cloud, thus it doesn’t require laborious computer update downloads of client-based programs. After signing in at and inputting the project data, consulting engineers, contractors and manufacturer’s representatives can produce a comprehensively calculated selection in under five minutes.

SEMCO’s North American manufacturer’s reps are ExpressSelect-trained with live and web-based video tutorials, and have authorized secure portal access to produce complete submittal quote pricing. The powerful software produces input/output conditions, AHRI efficiency requirements, load calculations on desiccant wheel(s), static pressures and losses based on inputs, annual operational costs and many other parameters. Additionally, ExpressSelect can compare the selected FV model’s results to a competitive product’s efficiency using published AHRI data.

The software’s intuitiveness spots input mistakes and suggests solutions, such as different model options, sizes or even another SEMCO product line. It also prevents many common outdoor air equipment specification mistakes, such as under-sizing fans when incorrectly assuming filters and their MERV ratings are part of the manufacturer’s external static pressure calculations.

ExpressSelect FV’s interactive design accepts minor adjustments, such as value engineering a 1/2-inch w.g. static pressure drop across the desiccant wheel to immediately compare impact on total efficiency, operational costs and payback.

Other features of the software are:

  • Responsive design automatically resizes image to any screen ranging from smart phones, tablets and personal computers to conference room monitors
  • Factory real-time assistance is available Monday-Friday business hours for reps, engineers and contractors
  • Calculations are based on AHRI standards
  • Complete and unfinished submittals are stored and backed up on a cloud, thus no backups are required and information can be accessed or printed from any web-browser device
  • Provides a Recovery Efficiency Ratio output in accordance with AHRI Guideline V—“Calculating the Efficiency of Energy Recovery Ventilation and Its Effect on Efficiency and Sizing of Building HVAC Systems.”

Later in 2016, other Desiccant Wheel Product division equipment, plus SEMCO’s other divisions, Desiccant Applied Products, Duct and Panels and Acoustical Products will also have dedicated software selection programs under the ExpressSelect brand.

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