SMACNA Research Shows BIM Brings Profitability, New Opportunities

Building Information Modeling has become a requirement on most mid-sized to large commercial construction projects. But sheet metal and HVAC contractors want to know–do the benefits of BIM justify the cost?

SMACNA’s new members-only white paper “The Business Case for BIM,” reveals the evidence that can help contractors justify the cost of investing in BIM capabilities. This new research demonstrates that the benefits of BIM can be substantial—increasing profitability, bidding opportunities and manufacturing efficiency and volume.

The researchers made some interesting discoveries. First, everyone in the construction industry has a different definition of BIM. Many in the sheet metal industry have not engaged with it because they lack a clear, practical understanding of what BIM could mean to them. Many companies have the procedures for implementing BIM already in place.

Second, the majority of sheet metal and HVAC companies with annual gross receipts of $8 million and above—that work on mid to large HVAC commercial construction projects and have yet to integrate BIM into their practice—are much further along than they may realize. Many companies have the procedures for implementing BIM already in place. This practice sets a good foundation for companies to take the next step to adopting BIM.

Third, BIM has evolved. More than half of the firms interviewed attribute some of their success with BIM to what they learned from Lean construction practices.

The research paper includes a chapter on how BIM expertise can bring new opportunities and provides even more details such as the basic requirements for acquiring BIM capability and a sample budget annual expense of BIM implementation.

Take a look at what implementing BIM could mean to you and your business. SMACNA’s white paper is available free to members only on SMACNA’s HVAC Market Sector web page and on SMACNA’s Building Information Modeling web page.