Bureau Veritas Launches HVAC Refrigerant Analysis Program

To protect cooling and refrigerant systems from contamination and failure, fluid properties within compressors need to be maintained within extremely close tolerances. The presence of a few parts per million of a contaminant or the application of the wrong refrigerant could spell the difference between safe, reliable operation and catastrophic failure.

Additionally, alternative refrigerants can be incompatible with old system components and used refrigerants are more likely to be contaminated. These contaminants can be incompatible with compressor metals, gaskets, seals or other system components, thus reducing the overall energy efficiency of the unit, and increasing the risk of system damage.

Bureau Veritas has launched an HVAC refrigerant analysis program giving customers the security of knowing that the condition of their equipment is within safe operating ranges and verifies that lubrication is taking place as specified, allowing effective maintenance scheduling.

Bureau Veritas laboratories house the latest automated and multi-position analytical equipment. The company’s methods of analysis are in accordance with the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute Standard 70095 and UL 1995 /CSA C22.2 No. 236. A full range of laboratory analyses are available for a fraction of the costs of replacement, major repair or downtime.

The program offers 24/7 turnaround service on refrigerant analysis, helping customers to lower maintenance costs and increase the lifetime of their systems.

For more information, visit www.bureauveritas.com/refrigerant.