Carrier Improves Ductless Lineup with Enhanced Performance Series

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Carrier has introduced its improved Performance Series ductless multi-zone heat pump lineup that will offer increased flexibility, greater energy efficiency and improved operation compared to the previous mid-tier lineup.

The improved Performance Series multi-zone ductless units are the latest addition to support Carrier’s commitment to invest and grow its ductless line of heating and cooling products.

The improved Performance Series multi-zone ductless product line boasts a SEER rating up to 23.8 with a HSPF up to 10.5 while providing heating down to minus 22 F and cooling up to 122 degrees F. To accommodate most installations, the piping length has also been extended to 328 feet in this improved product line.

The Performance Series mid-tier ductless system will merge energy efficiency, flexibility of configuration and a wide range of operation capabilities in extreme temperatures to provide an affordable option for year-round comfort.

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