Talon Spray Wand Reaches in Tight Spaces

Nu-Calgon Talon Aerosol WandST. LOUIS, Mo. – Nu-Calgon has launched Talon, a flexible spray wand specially designed for select Nu-Calgon aerosols. The 27-inch-long wand can be used exclusively with Nu-Calgon’s Evap Foam No Rinse, Blackhawk and PenetrateHD aerosol products to provide precision spraying in tight spaces.

Talon allows you to spray in tough-to-reach locations where a bulky aerosol can won’t fit. It is perfect for use with the industry’s #1 aerosol coil cleaner, Evap Foam No Rinse, reaching into evaporator coils that have limited access.  Talon is highly flexible, yet it has shape memory for effective navigation around equipment or obstructions. It fits in small openings and allows you to spray precisely where needed.

Talon fits easily on top of the aerosol can. First, remove the existing tip from the canister, and then press the Talon on top. In addition to the evaporator coil cleaning benefits, Talon works with Nu-Calgon’s Blackhawk for cleaning hard-to-reach refrigeration coils in food processing areas. It also fits both sizes of PenetrateHD lubricant, for precise spraying of rusted bolts and metal parts of system components.

For more info, visit www.nucalgon.com.