Powerhouse Builds RH-1000 Portable Boiler Room

powerhouse-portable-rentalDELANCO, N.J. – Powerhouse has completed production on the RH-1000 Portable Boiler Room. The RH-1000 is the first ever complete portable boiler room capable of producing 34,500 lb/hr of steam at 99.5 percent steam quality. Using a custom Cleaver Brooks boiler, the rental boiler was designed, built and tested by Powerhouse. This boiler is a custom CBEX Premium model with high turndown, extended heat transfer tubes and integral burner.

The system is controlled by a touch-screen HMI and has integrated Siemens Moore 353 loop controllers. Low NOx operation of 30  PPM is guaranteed. Unit can run on Natural Gas, LPG and #2 oil.

What makes the RH-1000 ‘complete’ is the addition of an integrated feedwater treatment system, including duplex water softeners, duplex fully modulating feedwater pumps and an automatic chemical injection system. The entire system is pre-piped and integrated within a steel intermodal container with removable chassis. All connections are made external to the unit, allowing for simple and efficient connection at the jobsite.

A custom rail system allows easy access to both tube sheets for inspection and repairs. All major components are easily removable and replaceable, including motors and burner components.

A complete test of the system, which included exporting steam at full capacity, was performed at Powerhouse’s facility in New Jersey. The RH-1000 was constructed to survive more than 15 years in harsh rental applications.

To learn more, visit http://www.powerhouse1000.com.