New Champion 10 Ton Packaged Heat Pumps, 3-5 Ton Air Conditioners Reduce Installation Time

champion_10MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The Champion brand of Johnson Controls has added new 10 ton XX packaged heat pumps and 3-5 ton ZQ 14 SEER air-conditioning units to its Direct Replacement rooftop solution.

Like other products in the Direct Replacement series, the units feature an exact-fit replacement design that matches the units to footprints of other manufacturers’ units and reduces installation time, cost and complexity by eliminating the need for a curb adapter. Champion has designed Direct Replacement systems to be the industry’s easiest to install and maintain. Simplicity Smart Equipment, for example, makes system setup, optimization and monitoring far easier than older, electromechanical controls. This next generation control system is a standard feature on all Direct Replacement gas/electric, electric/electric and heat pump packaged configurations.

The system’s advanced design also offers an optional Mobile Access Portal Gateway that provides access to the Simplicity Smart Equipment using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or remote PC. An optional Fault Detection and Diagnostics saves contractors time by providing detailed alerts if issues arise.

Product selection is easy with the Direct Replacement mobile app (available from Apple and Android app stores) to determine which model best fits the project.

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