Coleman Touch-Screen Thermostat Communicates with Conventional, Connected HVAC Systems

jci-coleman-touch-screen-thermostatMILWAUKEE, Wis. – Smart technology enables the new second generation Coleman touch-screen residential thermostat from Johnson Controls to communicate with both conventional and connected HVAC systems.

The new thermostat allows contractors to sell a single thermostat solution across multiple product tiers and offer homeowners a complete Coleman home comfort system. Near field communication, a set of short-range wireless technologies and a dedicated distributor app, available on Android-equipped devices, allow contractors to preconfigure settings before arriving at a residence. They can also control fault features to help eliminate nuisance calls.

Homeowners will enjoy several features, including:

  • An easy-to-use touch-screen proprietary hexagon interface
  • The ability to seamlessly connect to their HVAC system via their smartphones or tablets
  • A quick heat-and-quick cool feature for short-term, high-capacity heating or cooling to reach set points more quickly and is optimized to provide Energy Star Most Efficient performance when connected to select Coleman home comfort systems*
  • Alerts sent to the homeowner when maintenance is required
  • Contractor contact information available through the app, when that information is uploaded

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*When paired with Echelon AC8B024F4 (FC/MC48D+MV12D+TXV), AC8B036F4 (FC/MC62D+MV12D+TXV) and HC8B036F4 (FC/MC62D+MV12D+TXV) models.