Daikin Releases Wireless Interface Adapter, Comfort Control App for Heat Pump Systems

ComfortNetHOUSTON, Texas – Daikin North America LLC has released its new Wireless Interface Adapter and Comfort Control App for Daikin mini-split systems. This new wireless controller allows users to adjust Daikin mini-split systems from anywhere, simply with a mobile device and internet connection.*

Purchased as a kit, the Wireless Interface Adapter requires field installation to compatible indoor mini-split systems listed at www.daikincomfort.com/DuctlessWireless. By installing the Wireless Interface Adapter to the system, and downloading the free Comfort Control App to a mobile device,* you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere. Whether in another room of your home, or on the other side of the world, the Daikin Wireless Interface Adapter and Comfort Control App provide complete control of a mini-split system. You can now monitor and adjust a single unit in the home, or groups of units, all from the palm of your hand.

If it’s adjusting your home’s temperature before the kids return from school, or keeping pets comfortable, forgetting to adjust the temperature before you leave is a thing of the past. The ease and convenience of remotely managing your mini-split system provides reassurance that your home is always comfortable. Additionally, the freedom of managing mini-split systems remotely can save energy—when your plans change, you can adjust your system accordingly.

For more info, visit www.daikincomfort.com/DuctlessWireless.

* Requires a compatible mobile device or tablet and an internet connection.