Fresh-Aire UV, LUX Products Unveil Whole-Home Air Purification System

airsmartJUPITER, Fla., and PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Fresh-Aire UV and LUX Products recently introduced the airSMART IAQ system, the industry’s first proactive, integrated indoor air quality monitoring, controlling and purification system for residential applications. The three-component air management system includes an indoor air quality monitor, Wi-Fi smart thermostat and a whole-house air purification system with on-demand residential HVAC cycling and air cleaning.

airSMART IAQ offers a complete indoor air quality management system to  neutralize pollutants such as mold, bacteria, allergens and volatile organic compounds in a home’s central air system and  indoor environments. The new airSMART IAQ system consists of three connected components designed to work together to eliminate pollutants and allergens from a home’s air.

  • Foobot is an attractive, tabletop air monitoring sensor from AirBoxLab US. Foobot monitors the levels of airborne contaminants including volatile organic compounds, particulate matter and CO2. A blue LED glow turns orange with a negative “air quality event.” Upon detection, Foobot sends information to the Lux/GEO thermostat which, in turn, puts the air system into circulation mode so the Fresh-Aire UV APCO can purify the air. Homeowners are also alerted to the “event” via the Foobot App.
  • Lux/GEO is the system’s smart thermostat that receives a message from Foobot when air quality degrades. The thermostat then automatically switches the air handler fan to perform a fan cycle (independent of heating or cooling cycles) so contaminates can be neutralized through the APCO air purifier.
  • Fresh-Aire UV’s APCO whole-house air purifier: The award-winning APCO system offers a unique combination of UV-C light and activated carbon with unmatched germ and odor reduction capabilities. Once the levels of VOC contaminants, odor-causing and toxic molecules including toluene, formaldehyde, acetone and ethanol, are reduced to a safe level, the Foobot will signal the Lux/GEO to return to normal HVAC operations.

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