RAE Coils Meets Seasonal Demand with Heating Coil Product Line

coilPRYOR, Okla. – RAE Coils has released its heating coil line which offers its Standard Steam Coils, Steam Distributing Coils and Hot Water Coils to regulate the temperatures of buildings and valuable products. RAE Coils are designed and manufactured to the exact specifications of each customer application. The company can also satisfy special demands in terms of sheet metal type, mounting holes and flange or connection types.

Heating coils are the critical component in the typical HVAC system and are the first line of defense against potential equipment freeze-ups. RAE Coils’ heating products are within the scope of AHRI and certified in accordance with ARI Std. 410. In addition, the company can build products with vertical tubes, vertical airflow, condensate connection options and pitched or non-pitched tubes in many available configurations. All heating products are leak tested underwater, up to 400 psi where necessary.

RAE Coils is a division of RAE Corporation. For more info, visit: www.RAECorp.com.