Sloan Releases New Continuing Education Course on Regulatory Compliance for Plumbing Fixtures

FRANKLIN PARK, Ill. – Sloan has introduced its new continuing education course, Understanding Regulatory Compliance for Water Efficiency in Commercial Plumbing.

Sloan’s newest continuing education course hones in on the various aspects of regulatory compliance for plumbing fixtures in an effort to update architects, designers, LEED professionals and plumbing engineers on where the plumbing industry has been and where it’s heading.

The course not only reviews the history and adoption of plumbing codes, standards and certifications, but also provides a detailed analysis of how those aspects play a role in reducing water consumption while maintaining maximum performance going forward.

In addition to providing a detailed analysis on how to reduce water consumption, the course charts the history of key improvements in the commercial plumbing industry dating back to the 1980s. Noteworthy advancements include 86 percent lower water use by commercial lavatory faucets, 68 percent lower water use by commercial toilets, as well as water-free urinals that don’t consume water.

Sloan is offering the course online for AIA, GBCI (LEED), IDCEC and ASPE continuing education credits. In addition to the convenient online class, Sloan offers the opportunity to host a “lunch and learn” session at specified businesses, where certified instructors present 50-minute, in-person tutorials for staff. Certificates of completion are available for record keeping and self-reporting purposes.

Other continuing education courses include Conserving Water with Reclaimed Water Flushometers, Sink System Trends for Sustainability and Accessibility. For more info, visit: