EZ Rig Crane Introduces Jib Boom Attachment

The EZ Rig Crane is a mini crane that has been used by numerous HVAC contractors due to its size, maneuverability and ease of use. It is able to roll through a standard 3-foot doorway, has an adjustable boom that can reach 20 feet high and lift up to 2400 pounds. The EZ Rig Crane has become the solution to getting parts up the sides of buildings or down elevator shafts without the size or expense of full-size cranes.

EZ Rig Crane is now introducing the Jib Boom attachment. The Jib Boom attachment allows the user to reach up to 26 feet high and 12 feet out past the wheels while supporting weights up to 800 pounds. Lifting motors, lowers, fans and AC units over pipes in tight places has never been easier. No longer are three to four people needed to lift these parts from existing structures with limited access and awkward positions. No more rigging unsafe lifts to get to a difficult location.

No more extended hours manipulating chain falls or gantries. Injuries are avoided by letting EZ Rig do the lifting.

The Jib Boom accessory is now available. View load charts at: www.ezrigcrane.com.