PHCC, Educational Foundation Unveil Two Career Resources to Attract Young People to Skilled Trades

Designed to entice young people to the profession, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association and PHCC Educational Foundation have released a new two-minute career video that communicates the advantages of choosing a p-h-c career. Viewers are steered to a special new career website ( that showcases a modern, exciting and technologically connected profession.

Using a friendly tone and youthful illustrations, the two-minute video communicates the staggering statistics about the need for skilled workers in the p-h-c industry, the attractive, low-cost options for education and training to prepare for such a career and the satisfaction and benefits associated with work in the trades. “It creatively shows there’s a lot to like about this industry, including the ability to ‘earn while you learn’ and choose from many career paths that offer attractive salaries,” says PHCC President Patrick Wallner.

The video is part of a brand-new website that showcases a modern, exciting and technologically connected skilled trade. Geared for 16-24 year olds, the responsive design site offers a host of training resources, including apprenticeship program, direct links to PHCC chapters where visitors can learn more about training programs and careers in their local areas and scholarship information, as well as videos and other materials showcasing the options and opportunities within the industry.