M18 Short Throw Press Tool w/PEX Crimp Jaws Creates Fast, Effortless Installs

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Milwaukee Tool is breaking barriers in the press tool market once again with the introduction of the new M18 Short Throw Press Tool w/ PEX Crimp Jaws. The industry’s first press tool optimized for residential installations, the new tool is the fastest press tool on the market, pressing 40 percent faster than competition, delivering force optimized for PEX installation and eliminating downtime caused by calibration intervals. With the introduction of the M18 Short Throw Press Tool w/ PEX Crimp Jaws, Milwaukee is able to provide a solution that can accomplish the majority of residential installations seen today – reducing the cost of ownership and maximizing productivity for the residential installer.

The new M18 Short Throw Press Tool delivers peace of mind, even on the most critical jobs. Whereas hand tools often cause difficult and inconsistent ring positioning on fittings, the spring-loaded design of the Short Throw Press Tool’s jaws assists in holding the ring for precise alignment to the fitting. With no calibration interval, the new tool delivers consistency in installation over the entire life of the tool. A pre-press battery check prevents the user from starting a press the tool cannot complete due to insufficient battery charge, while Auto-Cycle ensures a full press every time and indicates to the user via a green light that the connection is complete.

The new M18 Short Throw Press Tool w/PEX Crimp Jaws is compatible with the F1807/F2159 copper crimp ring system, one of the leading systems in residential PEX installations today. The Short Throw Press Tool is also compatible with the Viega PureFlow Jaws, which are optimized for the PureFlow PEX Press System.