RIDGID Introduces Industry’s First One-Handed, Battery-Operated PEX Tool

ELYRIA, Ohio – RIDGID is changing the way contractors install PEX with the new PEX-One 12V Battery PEX Tool. The PEX-One is the first in the industry designed for one-handed use, for easy and accurate press connections anywhere on the job.

At five pounds, the PEX-One allows contractors to easily get rid of their manual press tools and is thirty percent lighter than other battery-powered tools that can make press connections on PEX. The pressing tool is purpose-built to press three sizes and features a compact design that frees up space in the tool belt and tool box.

Ideal for overhead connections and accessing tight spaces, the PEX-One provides full power through 150+ presses per charge with a 5-second crimp cycle. The tool can press multiple size fittings up to one inch, and has interchangeable dies with a quick change system. It is compatible with ASTM F1807 copper crimp ring fittings and in the near future Viega PureFlow fittings.

PEX-One is the latest product in the RIDGID line of pressing tools, joining the RP 200-B, RP 210-B and RP 340 press tools.

For more info, visit RIDGID.com.