Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces MR45 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

ORANGE, Calif. – The MR45 Refrigerant Recovery Machine is a lightweight, digital refrigerant recovery machine with a smart, variable speed 1 horsepower DC motor. Attendees at the AHR Expo Vegas can see the MR45 firsthand in Booth #C2339.

The DC motor is fast and smooth when pulling the refrigerant. The variable speed motor operates based on the load so it runs at lower RPMs when pulling liquid and then switches to higher RPMs when pulling vapor to maximize vapor recovery. The extra-large condenser is a unique advantage that cools the refrigerant faster, especially on hot days. Plus, the transformer steps up the supply voltage so long extension cords can be used without risk of motor burnout.

“Fieldpiece of Mind” is the new marketing theme for Fieldpiece Instruments. “We like to give our customers peace of mind as they head to a project,” said Russ Harju, product marketing manager of Fieldpiece Instruments.

The digital display presents precise measurements and the large digits are easy to see and read from far away. The display also provides added information like pressures and status messages that clarify operation. The bright blue backlit display makes reading even in a dark situation easy. Both the display and electronics are well protected for ease of use in the rain, cold and heat.

HVACR professionals will appreciate the added ease of direct access to ports when connecting and disconnecting hoses, and the locked input port for one handed connecting and disconnecting. In addition, the large rubberized, dual-port routing knob makes operation comfortable even when wearing gloves.