First Daikin VRV Unit Assembled at Daikin Texas Technology Park

HOUSTON, Texas – Daikin Texas Technology Park, Daikin North America LLC’s new $417-million, 4-million-square-foot campus located just outside Northwest Houston, Texas, recently welcomed the first VRV unit off the production line during a celebration led by CEO Takeshi Ebisu. The event was attended by Daikin employees from multiple departments, as well as senior leaders of the company.

Daikin VRV technology is not entirely new to North America. Daikin introduced VRV units in 2005 with products imported from Japan and Europe. In February 2014, Daikin was the first HVAC manufacturer to operate assembly lines for VRV outdoor units in North America with limited production in Houston.

Now, with the opening of the company’s new state-of-the-art campus in Waller, Texas, the production of current VRV units, as well as the development of new product designs will “increase productivity drastically by 22 percent and lead time will decrease substantially in order to respond to customer demand,” said Kou Ishitani, Daikin senior vice president of manufacturing.

Daikin Texas Technology Park is the largest industrial tilt-wall building in the world, and the second largest manufacturing facility in North America.