Haier Ductless Air Launches New Lines at AHR Expo 2017

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Haier Ductless Air unveiled a number of new air quality technologies at the 2017 AHR Expo, showcasing a broad array of solutions from mini splits, multi splits, professional series, VRF to water heaters.

AHR Expo Product Showcase

Wi-Fi Connected

Haier launched a new, easy installation USB Wi-Fi module as an option for the existing Arctic & FlexFit Series and the new FlexFit Pro high-wall models.

Flexfit Pro Series

Perfect for light commercial uses, the FlexFit Pro series offers a numbers of options to make installation and inventory easy. Powered by a single outdoor unit, yet able to set different temperatures in different spaces via separate indoor units, FlexFit Pro series is available from 24,000 Btu to 48,000 Btu. The 24 K unit is interchangeable with single- or multi-zone units.


  • Flexible installation with long piping length up to 165 feet and 100-foot drop
  • 100 percent cooling capacity at 0 F
  • Night mode to 45dB(A)

Cassette Indoor

  • Unique round-corner air outlet to eliminate blind spot
  • Individual airflow control of the 4 louvers
  • Optional intelligent eye for continuous monitoring and control for improved efficiency

High Duct Indoor

  • DC fan motor
  • Consistent airflow in wide range of ESP
  • Rear and bottom air return
  • Fresh air knockout

High Wall Indoor

  • Sleek design with hidden LED temperature display
  • Up to 60-foot air throw distance
  • Quadruple-action pathogen filter

Mini VRF

Mini VRF bridges the gap between the small multi-zone residential applications to multi-zone light commercial needs. Mini-VRF can have up to 9 indoor units with 9 zones of temperature control and comfort. With a 984-foot refrigerant line length, multi-story applications and large building application is now possible.

  • 208/230V, 1 phase
  • Outdoor capacity 3/4/5 tons
  • Connect up to 9 indoors
  • Extended refrigerant pipe length (up to 984 feet)
  • DC inverter compressor and fan

For more info, visit http://www.haierductless.com.