LG Unveils New ‘Multisite’ Controls Suite

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – At the AHR Expo this month, LG Electronics introduced its new controls platform, LG MultiSITE. The new suite of products empowers building owners and operators to optimize their operations and efficiency with features that enable more building synergy and accessibility than ever before.

With the MultiSITE products, LG’s goal is to supply building owners the tools they need to make the best operational choices for their businesses and bottom lines. The suite of advanced solutions is composed of the LG MultiSITE Remote Controller, Communications Manager and VM3 building management solution – all of which allow operators to take control of their buildings in ways that were not previously possible.

LG MultiSITE Remote Controller
The new LG MultiSITE Remote Controller is an intuitive control panel featuring a customizable screen and configurable functionality to meet the requirements of each installation. In addition to the flexibility of the user interface, the LG MultiSITE Remote Controller uses its onboard BACnet MS/TP to directly integrate into a building management system. Packaged in a sleek design, the LG MultiSITE Remote Controller includes a touch screen, built-in occupancy and humidity sensors, and Zigbee wireless compatibility, delivering a complete out-of-the-box solution for a host of installations. Building owners and facility managers can now easily scale the functionality to suit the needs of occupants of the space while being conscious of their bottom line with the LG MultiSITE Remote Controller.

LG MultiSITE Communications Manager
The LG MultiSITE Communications Manager integrates the power of LG VRF technology into an existing third-party building management system. For the first time ever, a controls framework directly integrates with a VRF system, eliminating the need for a gateway. Powered by the robust Niagara framework, the LG MultiSITE Communications Manager allows for seamless integration with North American building management systems. Employing industry-standard BACnet, LonWorks and Fox protocols, programmers can easily connect the LG MultiSITE Communications manager, reducing program development costs. The LG MultiSITE Communications Manager enables building managers to maximize the performance, power and capability of each system.

LG MultiSITE VM3 Building Management Solution
The new LG MultiSITE VM3 is a building management solution that maximizes the sophistication of control in each building system for cohesive building operation and synergistic performance. With the LG MultiSITE VM3, LG VRF and controls have converged into a single, seamless solution which streamlines system programming and grants building owners and facility managers the freedom to design a solution that’s best for their needs.

Utilizing the open Niagara framework, owners can tailor and customize their building’s operation to improve efficiency, minimize operational costs and maximize comfort. Facility managers now have a window into their building’s operations and efficiency empowering them to program their system to react as internal and external conditions change. The LG MultiSITE VM3 is a scalable solution capable of managing a single system all the way up to an enterprise level network for even more flexibility and responsiveness.

For more info, visit: www.lghvac.com.