Quantech Introduces QWC3 Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers from 50 to 200 Tons

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Quantech is introducing QWC3 Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers from 50 to 200 tons to complement Quantech air-cooled scroll and screw chiller lines ranging from 15 to 350 tons. Quantech QWC3 water-cooled chillers expedite planned replacement projects by offering shorter lead times and a design that fits through a standard 3-foot-wide door.

QWC3 chillers (50-200 tons) accommodate a wide range of applications. They feature a large operating envelope, producing chilled water from 15 F to 59 F while using condenser water from 64 F to 125 F. AHRI-certified, full-load efficiency is up to 17.0 EER, with part-load efficiencies up to 24.5 IPLV. A dual-circuit, direct-expansion, tube-in-shell evaporator is used in conjunction with a cleanable thru-tube-type condenser that includes integral sub cooling. A microcomputer control center enables easy configuration and optimum load matching. Native communications capability supports BACnet (MS/TP) and Modbus, with optional N2 and LON communications. QWC3 chillers are also available in non-reversing heat pump duty.

Contractors participating in the Quantech Authorized Contractor Program get support advantages and extended warranties for the QWC3 and other Quantech products.

Along with QWC3 water-cooled scroll chillers, the Quantech line includes QTC2 (15-50 tons) and QTC3 (55-200 tons) air-cooled scroll chillers, as well as QTC4 (150-360 tons) variable speed drive, air-cooled screw chillers.

Quantech chillers are manufactured as part of the Johnson Controls product portfolio. For more info, visit: http://go.quantech-hvac.com/QWC3Expansion.