YORK Redefines Comfort in Newest HE Residential Systems from Johnson Controls

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – YORK advanced technologies redefine comfort in the just-released high-efficiency YORK Affinity Variable Capacity Residential Systems from Johnson Controls.

The new high-efficiency systems feature inverter-driven variable capacity technology, which dynamically adjusts capacity and airflow, unlike conventional systems that simply turn on or off. Air circulates more precisely and quietly, maximizing comfort while reducing energy consumption.

In fact, the systems’ Energy Star Most Efficient qualified, up to 20 SEER YXV air conditioners and YZV heat pumps, can reduce energy costs by as much as 50 percent compared to older 10 SEER units, and may qualify for utility rebates. Efficiency is enhanced by matched and communicating indoor equipment, coils and air handlers seamlessly integrated with the Wi-Fi-enabled YORK Affinity Hx Thermostat. The easy-to-use touch-screen thermostat allows homeowners to precisely control and monitor their home comfort systems anywhere they have internet access. In addition, communicating indoor and outdoor units enable a self-monitoring feature that allows a contractor to quickly identify and diagnose system issues—potential or immediate—and minimize interruptions to comfort.

A second feature unique among residential systems helps ensure units are charged correctly when installed. YORK’s built-in Charge Assurance monitoring on air conditioners and heat pumps provides a direct readout of high- and low-system pressures and suction and liquid line temperatures, while also calculating system superheat and subcooling, all without connecting gauges, sensors or accessories to the units. This helps ensure the system is properly optimized for faster installation and routine service, maximized service life and homeowner peace of mind.

Several additional YORK innovations further enhance homeowner comfort:

  • QuietDrive incorporates a sound-reducing swept-wing fan blade, composite base pan and sound containment cloak to reduce typical outdoor operating sound levels.
  • Climate Set enables contractors to set up systems faster and more accurately, by selecting from one of three preconfigured operating profiles—humid, dry or normal—based on climate and homeowners’ specific needs.
  • ClimaTrak—allows further fine-tuning of the blower for specific applications, whether to compensate for arid environments or maximize the use of additional air quality accessories. Contractors can offer improved indoor air quality with a variety of devices, including system-matched humidifiers, germ-killing UVC lights and high-efficiency MERV 16-rated filtration, for reduced dust and contaminants.

YORK Affinity Variable Capacity Residential Systems feature a swing open electrical box that provides full corner access to the inside of the unit for easy installation and service. Additionally, contractors can access systems remotely, when granted permission by the homeowner, to evaluate system operation before leaving for the jobsite, and diagnostics at the outdoor unit and thermostat eliminate having to walk between the thermostat inside and the outdoor unit.

Designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, system components are backed by parent company Johnson Controls and an unmatched limited one-year labor warranty, lifetime compressor and 10-year parts limited warranties on registered products. Highly Accelerated Life Testing facilities aid in the systematic testing of components, including more than 20 years of accelerated operation testing for weather, humidity and temperatures as high as 125 F and as low as -10 F to ensure lasting performance and world-class quality.

In addition, full system testing is performed to Department of Energy and CSA standard requirements. Units are also tested under the stresses found in shipping units by truck.

Offering competitive energy efficiency, products are rated in accordance with AHRI Standards 200/240 and 340/360 at AHRI conditions and meet relevant ASHRAE 90.1, Energy Star and EPACT 2005 standards. In addition to Energy Star efficiency, models have earned Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval accolades.

For more info, visit: www.YORK.com/Affinity