Miller-Picking Returns to Deliver a Higher Standard in Custom Air-Handling Solutions

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Johnson Controls has relaunched the Miller-Picking brand of custom air-handling solutions with its legacy of craftsmanship and trusted expertise.

The goal of the original Miller-Picking brand was to target specialty size and capacity niches often overlooked by larger, more well-established heating, ventilation and air-conditioning companies. The company quickly built a reputation for industry-leading quality and advanced performance, selling its custom configurations to a variety of markets, including hospitals, schools, research facilities and manufacturing plants. Many of these units are still in use, a testament to the reliability and support that has long characterized the brand.

Johnson Controls purchased Miller-Picking in 1992 and today supports the brand with world-class manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art testing facilities. In addition, a responsive team of application engineers works closely with customers to deliver custom air handlers manufactured to the highest standards for very specific, often demanding applications, including pharma/lab, healthcare and clean rooms.

Miller-Picking is available in select markets. To learn more about its custom air handling units, visit