Noritz Launches EZ Tankless Series to Simplify Larger Residential Tank Replacement

Engineered expressly for the North American residential market, the EZ Series of high-efficiency, condensing tankless water heaters from Noritz America are designed to cut installation time and cost when replacing larger, storage tank-type units.

The Energy Star-rated EZ98-DV and EZ111-DV (Energy Factor: 0.97) join the previously released EZTR40 to provide professional installers and their homeowner-customers with a wider range of tankless options, covering the majority of residential, tank-replacement opportunities. Both models include top-mount water connections, maximum venting flexibility and the possibility of reusing the existing tank unit’s half-inch gas line.

The EZ98-DV and EZ111-DV are also available in bundle packages (EZTR50 and EZTR75, respectively) that include materials and accessories for direct indoor replacement of 50 and 75 gallon, tank-type water heaters.