PurCool Green Strips/Tablets Pass Strict Environmental Tests

LOUIS, Mo. – Nu-Calgon officials recently announced that ClenAir’s PurCool Green line of air conditioning condensate drain pan treatment products has met the stringent criteria of three critical environmental tests. A certified independent test laboratory has determined that the PurCool Green products are readily biodegradable, safe for aquatic life and neutral to the pH of the environment. PurCool Green is the only AC drain pan treatment that has passed all three of these tests.

PurCool Green condensate treatment products provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional condensate pan treatments, safely preventing slime and sludge from growing and building up in the condensate pan, drain line and trap. Untreated drain pans can become clogged and water can overflow, causing damage to ceilings, walls and floors. The slime and sludge can also cause foul odors and IAQ problems for residents.

ClenAir by Nu-Calgon’s PurCool Green treatments are available in 3 ton tablets, 5 ton tablets, 10 ton strips, 30 ton strips and the mini-strip size designed for tight spaces in mini-split units. A time-release product that provides treatment for up to six months, PurCool Green is activated when it comes in contact with condensate water in the drain pan. The product will remain in place and completely dissolve over time with no plastic housing or casing left behind.