Berner International Releases New App to Control Architectural Air Curtains

NEW CASTLE, Pa. – Berner  International has released the Berner App, a first-of-its-kind new way to control architectural air curtains from a smartphone, available now at the Google Play Store. The company also standardized the implementation of its patented digital controller, the Intelliswitch, across its product suite of air curtains in the Berner Architectural category. Both the app and the rollout of the Intelliswitch will serve to simplify and enhance ease-of-use of air curtain operation everywhere.

To further its commitment to manufacturing energy-efficient products, Berner added its patented Venturi Heater to all electric heated Architectural air curtains, with the exception of the Low Profile series.

Berner app for Android: The Berner app for Android is the first mobile application to allow control of Berner air curtains from a smartphone. It allows users to program their Berner Air Curtain, change settings and monitor usage. Built to work with all five designs of Berner’s Architectural Series air curtains, the Berner app requires a built-in wireless controller to be ordered along with the air curtain itself.

Intelliswitch: Designed by Berner, this patented digital controller eliminates the need to figure out, select and price various control packages as all the options are available on it. The Intelliswitch allows the end user to program the air curtain using preset modes or to custom program, making it easy to match the air curtain performance to the application. This switch is now standard on all Berner Architectural Series air curtains.

Venturi Heater: Designed and patented by Berner, the innovative Venturi Heater design improves heated air curtain efficiencies by up to 40 percent more than other methods. The Venturi Heater fits on the outside of the fan housing, allowing air to be warmed without blocking the flow of the air stream. It elegantly solves the issue of having to either place the heating coil in the intake – causing the temperature to drop a few degrees – or in the outlet nozzle, causing the airstream to be disrupted.

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Download the Berner App at the Google Play Store.