Victaulic Releases Revit 2018 Toolbar Update to Enhance Features

EASTON, Pa. – Victaulic released updates for Victaulic Tools for Revit\ 2018, which include enhanced pipe routing and fabrication features that speed up the preconstruction timeline.

Key updates for the 2018 Victaulic Tools for Revit include:

  • New preloaded Victaulic content and templates
  • Additions to Pipe Tools that enable users to automatically tag pipe according to multiple parameters
  • Added Pipe Type Import Tool that reduces file size, removes duplication of families and ensures customized project types do not get overwritten
  • Developments for Custom Tagging so users can more easily renumber or sequentially tag sections of pipe and Victaulic products
  • New scatter placements for tags on all buttons, which saves time and effort when marking and creating spool sheets
  • Upgraded features for fabrication and spool generation, such as the ability to create assemblies and schedules, specify up to three different schedules and parts lists and set your own schedule template based on your company preferences

Victaulic Tools for Revit is designed to improve the functionality of native Revit, through the use of enhanced routing tools and an innovative platform bringing Fabrication into Revit. A free, 30-day trial of the Victaulic Tools for Revit 2018 add-in is available for download at