NCCER Releases Brand New Testing System

ALACHUA, Fla. – NCCER’s new testing system is improving the way tests are administered, graded and scored. Completely online and managed in-house by NCCER, the new testing system operates on the same platform utilized by ACT. With enhanced, easy-to-use features and greater capability across multiple devices, module testing has never been easier or more efficient.

Previous processes required craft instructors to generate, administer and score NCCER module tests by hand, while also submitting documentation for credentials. Now, all of this can be done electronically, making the process more efficient for users. Users are now able to create, launch, score, store and submit module tests all through the online system. In addition to streamlining the testing process, these improvements have also eliminated the need for paper-based testing and record storage.

While paper test options are still available, the new testing system is compatible with multiple devices such as tablets, laptops, Google Chromebooks and Macbooks, making computer-based testing easy to implement. The system also operates and conforms to all major internet browsers and there is no special hardware or software required for use. Tests are administered through the new proctor station and, as Performance Profiles are submitted, results for both are automatically reported to NCCER’s Registry System.

Eight crafts plus Core are available in the system with more being added each week. The most recent versions of NCCER’s HVAC, Electrical, Carpentry, Welding, Heavy Equipment Operator, Construction Technology, Masonry and Plumbing are available for testing. For more info, visit: