Eliminate HVAC Equipment Salt Corrosion Damage with Force5 HVAC Spray

For contractors in the business of delivering reliable HVAC service, Force5 HVAC spray works as a corrosion inhibiter, lubricant and cleaner to protect heat exchange fins and cooling coils to keep them in good working order.

HVAC condenser and evaporator fins, made of aluminum or copper, will corrode in humid or moist settings, particularly in high-salt environments near the coast. Corrosion reduces the efficiency of heat transfer and HVAC cooling capacity. Ultimately, condenser and evaporator fins, as well as cooling coils, will fail due to corrosion and electrolysis in coastal environments.

The Force5 HVAC corrosion inhibitor penetrates into these metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion, while forming a bond that repels water and other contaminants. This helps to ensure reliable HVAC equipment function and prolongs its usable life.

If HVAC system components have existing corrosion, the spray loosens and removes rust to improve operation.

Adding use of the spray to an annual HVAC checkup will extend the life of the unit. For best results, apply the spray once a year or twice annually if the heat exchangers are fully exposed to sunlight to compensate for some UV breakdown of the product.

A twelve ounce container of the spray can treat at least two evaporator units. Five liter bulk containers are also available for commercial use.

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