Metraflex Introduces UPC Listed, NSF 61 Certifed Expansion Joints

CHICAGO, Ill. – Uniform Plumbing Code certification has been given to the Metraloop copper sweat end and press-fit end expansion joint making it the only UPC Listed product of its kind.

Paragraph 301.2 of the Uniform Plumbing Code requires everything in a plumbing system to be a listed product. A plumbing inspector could require removal of any product that is not listed. This new UPC certification reassures engineers and plumbing contractors they are specifying and installing the right products.

Metraloop UPC Listed expansion joints come in ±4-inch movements for both sweat end and press-fit end expansion joints. Press-fit end Metraloops include the Viega ProPress fittings and Press Ready end fittings. Metraloop expansion joints are also NSF 372 lead free.

Metraloop copper sweat end expansion joints are available in sizes from ½ inch through 4 inches with ±4-inch movements, and are proven to virtually eliminate thrust loads while requiring minimal guiding. The press fit copper Metraloop joint is the perfect solution to protect press fit systems when an expansion joint is needed.

Metraloop Copper Press Ready expansion joints are compatible with all Press Fit systems, including:

  • Viega
  • ApolloXpress
  • B Press
  • Cello Products
  • Elkhart Products
  • Kem Press
  • MM Kembla
  • Nibco

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