Commercial-Grade Plumbing Leak Detection Solutions Now with Extended Shut-Off

BRANFORD, Ct. – Reliance Detection Technologies adds to its commercial plumbing leak detection solutions with an extended shut-off valve size range to accommodate oversized pipes.

RDT now offers its wireless RS-360 and wired FloodMaster RS-080 leak detection and water main shut-off systems with commercial-grade butterfly valves in 2-1/2-, 3- and 4-inch sizes (3/4-inch through 2-inch sizes are also available). When a paired water sensor detects a leak, these systems mitigate potentially catastrophic water damage by automatically shutting off the water supply to the entire building or facility plumbing section, sounding an alarm and sending a signal to a building automation, security or smart home system. These new oversized valves allow for easy monitoring and protection of commercial, municipal and academic buildings.

RDT delivers an extensive selection of water leak alarm and automatic shut-off systems, with solutions for every type of facility, space and budget – from single-family homes, apartment buildings and condo complexes to office buildings and commercial properties.