New Carrier High-Speed BACnet Link Offered for i-Vu BAS

KENNESAW, Ga. — Carrier has added to its next-generation BACnet router portfolio with the i-Vu XT BACnet link. The i-Vu XT BACnet link supports seamless connectivity to other BACnet devices, allowing facilities’ staff to manage all of the BACnet equipment in their building through a single i-Vu user interface.

The new i-Vu XT BACnet link follows the recent release of the i-Vu XT BACnet router. Both devices are part of the next generation of i-Vu controls, featuring high-speed communications, increased processing horsepower, integrated diagnostics, flexible mounting options and a reduced footprint.

The new i-Vu XT BACnet link includes built-in functionality for:

  • Monitoring and controlling third-party BACnet devices within a building.
  • Routing BACnet communications between the i-Vu system and various networks including BACnet/IP and BACnet/Ethernet (up to 1GB), BACnet MSTP and/or BACnet over ARCnet.
  • Executing customized control programs built with Carrier’s SNAP graphical programming tool.
  • Troubleshooting BACnet network communications using diagnostic dashboards and trend graphs inside of the i-Vu building automation system. Operators can visualize network statistics including logs/counters, transmit/receive activity and network traffic latencies for the connected BACnet networks.
  • Capturing BACnet network traffic either continuously or on-demand and saving the information to a file for uploading into third-party network analysis tools.

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