Mitsubishi Electric Horizontal Ducted Indoor Units Now Available in Smaller Capacity Sizes

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.’s Cooling & Heating extends its M-Series line to include two new capacity sizes of the PEAD Horizontal Ducted Indoor Unit.

The additions provide lower-capacity and higher-static-ducted options that meet the demands of today’s high-efficiency homes. These highly efficient, low-capacity units target the Passive House and net-zero energy applications that continue to grow in today’s energy-conscious society.

The two new horizontal ducted units, PEAD-A09AA7 and PEAD-A15AA7, are compatible with SUZ and MXZ-series outdoor units and are small enough to be concealed within an attic or closet space. Other product features include:

  • Wide ranging external static pressure (0.14-0.60)
  • Built-in condensate lift mechanism (27-9/16 in.)
  • Two-stage CN24 auxiliary heat control
  • Built-in CN105 controls connection, and compatibility with other control options including the kumo cloud app
  • Available with an MXZ direct port type

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