New Carrier Infinity System Control Debuts in Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Blending more than a century of innovation with sleek aesthetics, the new Carrier Infinity system control is a powerful wall device paired with a mobile application that delivers the ultimate combination of comfort and control. The control is being debuted at Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood in suburban Birmingham, Alabama, a community of 62 homes featuring emerging energy-efficient technologies, materials and appliances and a community-scale power system. There, the Infinity system control will deliver data-driven comfort on the cutting edge of energy savings and connectivity.

More than standard thermostats, the Infinity system and Infinity system control work seamlessly to merge multiple dimensions of comfort – temperature, humidity, airflow and air quality – to achieve the ideal indoor environment. When paired with wireless sensors, the Infinity system control allows homeowners to enjoy the highest levels of comfort and control, including room-by-room temperature control and humidity management.

The Infinity system control can also drive energy savings by making it simple. Its intuitive interface adapts, learns and communicates with the entire Infinity System for powerful, energy-efficient programmable settings, precise energy tracking and savings intelligence.

As a part of Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood initiative, homeowners will receive an Infinity heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence climate control system, including the new system controls, as well as other smart, connected appliances to create a highly efficient home that connects the homeowner with their energy consumption in a whole new way.

In return, data gathered from the homes’ innovative features will provide insight into how homes can be built and function more efficiently, and feedback on the most useful products and services for household comfort, convenience and connectivity.

The Infinity system control is available immediately across the United States and Canada.