Bell & Gossett Expands Capabilities of Online System Selection Tool

Xylem Bell & Gossett has expanded the capabilities of its one-of-a-kind ESP-Systemwize online selection tool that provides HVAC and plumbing system designers the ability to choose all system components within a single integrated tool.

Three new functions have been added to ESP-Systemwize — a variable speed option, floor space calculator and an operating expenditure estimator — providing engineers with valuable energy and cost-savings information.

Introduced in 2017, ESP-Systemwize incorporates Bell & Gossett’s expansive product portfolio, applications expertise and hydronic systems knowledge, resulting in an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for selecting highly efficient pumps and compatible system accessories.

Constant or variable speed options ESP-Systemwize now enables users to search pumps by constant or variable speed to discover and select products that will deliver optimal performance within a hydronics HVAC or plumbing system. Variable speed technology allows the pump to adjust operating speed and respond smoothly and efficiently to fluctuations in demand. By also using the ESP-Systemwize PLEV function — Bell & Gossett’s part load efficiency value criteria — system designers can gauge true pump performance by measuring the efficiency of the pump at partial flow rates.

With a growing focus on decreasing the size of mechanical rooms in commercial buildings to allow for more saleable space, engineers must identify the proper product and configuration to fit any mechanical room. ESP-Systemwize’s new floor space calculator takes the guesswork out of determining the need for vertical in-line pumps or base-mounted pumps. Providing engineering solutions that maximize square footage can help achieve overall project budget goals.

The cost of operations estimator helps identify energy and electrical costs associated with pumps and hydronic systems. Proper system design is critical to minimizing life-cycle costs and reducing a system’s power consumption.

ESP-Systemwize is readily accessible through the Bell & Gossett website or at — no special user access is required. Advanced features are available to those who register, such as saving project schedules, generating submittals and sharing them with a Bell & Gossett manufacturer’s representative in their area. Other intuitive features of ESP-Systemwize designed to assist engineers in system design include:

  • Side-by-side product comparisons
  • Express select button narrows search
  • Searchable by groups of products
  • Analyze pump speeds in real time
  • Ability to choose pumps and accessories
  • Customizable project schedules
  • Warning system for potential selection problems
  • 24/7 technical assistance

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