Greenheck Introduces Direct Drive Mixed-Flow Plenum Supply Fans for Make-Up Air

Greenheck make-up air models DGX and MSX can now be configured with a direct drive, mixed-flow plenum supply fan for low- to medium-pressure applications. With performance capacities from 800 to 16,000 cfm, Models DGX-P-MF and MSX-P-MF reduce horsepower requirements, resulting in lower operating costs.

The direct drive, mixed-flow impellers contribute to lower sound levels; sound power reduction of up to 8 decibels can be achieved. The factory-mounted, preprogrammed variable frequency drive provides an inherent soft-start for the supply fan, while the absence of belts and sheaves also reduces maintenance and simplifies air balancing in the field. Multi-directional discharge contributes to installation flexibility.

Heating options include direct gas-fired, electric heat, hot water and steam coils; cooling options include packaged-direct expansion, split-direct expansion, chilled water and evaporative cooling. Models DGX-P-MF and MSX-P-MF are ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial facilities where low sound and energy efficiency are required.

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