Nu-Calgon Launches Connect Inject Products for Quick Installations

LOUIS, Mo. – Nu-Calgon has launched new injectable versions of A/C Re-New and Rx-Acid Scavenger, along with A/C ReStart, a totally new product released in fluid and Connect Inject versions. All three Connect Inject products install quickly and easily using the recommended Connect Injector Tool.

A/C ReStart is a new polyol ester lubricant-based formulation designed specifically for R-22 retrofits.  It eliminates oil change-out by boosting oil return.  A/C ReStart also includes Rx-Acid Scavenger technology to address trace acids that may be present during retrofits.  A/C ReStart is available in a Connect Inject version and a four fluid ounce can (which can be installed using the A/C Re-New Injector Tool).

A/C Re-New revitalizes and energizes air conditioning systems.  It is OEM approved for preventing and aiding sticking valves.  It also quiets noisy systems and lowers energy usage.  A/C Re-New has been proven to aid in oil return/heat transfer with R-22 alternative refrigerants.  It is now available in a new injectable package called A/C Re-New Connect Inject.

Rx-Acid Scavenger removes existing acid and prevents future acid in HVACR systems.  It can be used for normal preventive maintenance or after compressor burnouts.  Its new synthetic formula improves scavenging of acid byproducts.  Rx-Acid Scavenger has been previously available in a pressurized or unpressurized container, but now it has a new Connect Inject package.

Nu-Calgon also offers an optional Injector Tool to be used with the Connect Inject products, which includes an isolation valve that allows an air purge.

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