Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. Unveils New Data-Driven Labs, Facility

WATERTOWN, Mass. – Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation recently unveiled its new facility in Watertown, Massachusetts. The company’s new space, located 10 miles from Boston, is home to Bosch’s first-ever air conditioning laboratory, which will allow the company to test and refine the performance, sound and connectivity of its air conditioning units in-house. The facility also includes a Bosch Experience Center, where visitors can immerse themselves in the company’s diverse portfolio of energy-efficient products.

Equipped with brand-new, advanced equipment that ensures highly accurate data, the full laboratory comprises three focus areas: a psychrometric lab, a noise vibration harshness lab and an electronics lab.

  • The psychrometric lab allows Bosch to measure the performance of its air conditioning units in multiple configurations.
  • The NVH lab measures the sound of the AC unit, which gives Bosch the ability to test the unit’s decibel and determine what adjustments will achieve a quieter product.
  • The electronics lab measures, tests and simulates the behavior and performance of the electronic devices in the unit (the “brain” of the units).
    Bosch develops and produces numerous software prototypes for its connected products, which then are uploaded to the product’s “brain” and tested. Bosch can measure the performance of the software to see how fast end users are able to access the app and its information.