Sloan Enhances the SloanStone Product Line with Three New Sink Designs

FRANKLIN PARK, Ill. — Sloan introduces three new models to its SloanStone line of molded, solid-surface sinks.

The new sink models enhance the popular product line with their wide range of aesthetic and color options designed to fit the needs of schools, healthcare facilities, office buildings, malls, airports, stadiums and more. Strategically engineered for high-traffic environments, SloanStone sinks are vandal resistant and feature a single-molded basin with non-porous surfaces for a hygienic environment that can be easily serviced.

Each of Sloan’s new sinks are ideal for wall-mount applications and are designed to pair perfectly with Sloan faucets and soap dispensers. Sloan’s expanded product line has 14 SloanStone sinks, including:

  • Round Front ELRF Series: With limited corners, this design is well-suited for restrooms frequented by children.
  • Arrowhead ELA Series: A unique design, the Arrowhead features a modern aesthetic, with a slight point and an open front edge.
  • Waterfall ELWF Series: This model is tailored for mixed adult and children locations. Its ADA-friendly design provides one or more adult-height stations paired with one child-height station.

The new SloanStone models complement its existing line of sinks such as the gradient (ELGR series) and electronic lavatory system (ELS Series) models and are elevated even further with the ability to be paired with any of Sloan’s faucets and seven new matching sensor-activated soap dispensers for a cohesive on-deck aesthetic.

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