New Powerful Foaming Aerosol Coil Cleaner

Nu-Calgon has launched a new aerosol version of Tri-Pow’r HD with an actuator that creates a powerful foaming spray for coil cleaning. It is a detergent, degreaser and deodorizer all in one, making it the best choice for cleaning all types of coils, including microchannel.

Tri-Pow’r HD Aerosol provides a powerful foaming spray to assist in lifting debris off coils. It’s ideal for cleaning air-cooled condensers, evaporators, permanent filters, fan blades and more. Although typically rinsed after cleaning, it can be used for evaporator “no-rinse” applications where ample condensate will self-rinse the coil.

With positive emulsion technology, Tri-Pow’r HD Aerosol is highly effective in removing grease and grime. It emulsifies or converts greasy deposits into a fluid or liquid form that can be easily flushed. It also contains a surfactant for “wetting” the greasy deposits as well as corrosion inhibitors for protecting equipment surfaces.

Tri-Pow’r HD Aerosol is non-acid, non-toxic, biodegradable and metal safe.