Oetiker PEXGrip Delivers Crimplicity for PEX Installers

Making connections between PEX tubing and fittings can be complicated, time-consuming and hard on the wrists and hands. Oetiker’s PEXGrip system features a patented 304 stainless steel clamp design and a single system-matched crimping tool. For plumbing contractors, the result is Crimplicity – faster, easier crimping with reduced carpal tunnel stress compared to using copper crimp rings and crimping tools.

One tool fits all sizes: Oetiker’s 3-handle ratchet pincer crimps all sizes of PEXGrip clamps, from 3/8 inch to 1 inch. Working with copper crimp rings often requires carrying multiple tools or crimping jaw sets to do the job.

Easier on the hands and wrists: Crimping a copper ring takes a 70-80 pound grip, increasing potential for carpal tunnel problems. With Oetker’s PEXGrip clamps and 3-handle tool, only a 40-50 pound grip is needed.

PEXGrip clamps are pre-set to fit tight on tubing: With Oetiker’s patented design, the clamp grips the tube, and stays in the right position until you’re ready to crimp. Copper crimp rings fit loosely, and easily slide out of position.

For more info, visit www.pexgrip.com.