Carrier Expands Reporting Capabilities for i-Vu Building Automation System

Carrier has released its i-Vu v7 building automation system, which features new reporting tools and capabilities and an improved graphics library. These features provide facilities staff with more visibility into building performance so they can maintain the ideal environment for occupants and operate their buildings more efficiently.

The new reporting tools in the i-Vu v7 system provide operators with powerful visualizations that help turn building data into action. Standard reports for indoor comfort conditions, energy consumption and alarm conditions keep operators in control of their buildings so they can create a more comfortable environment for occupants, as well as proactively monitor energy usage. Custom reports and dashboards can also be created using new bar, line and pie graphs to help operators connect the dots between anticipated and actual building performance. Calculations can be applied to data before reports are generated to provide additional insight, and scheduling capabilities allow reports to be run on a recurring basis or shared easily with other stakeholders in the organization.

Building operators will also be able to take advantage of a new higher-resolution graphics library with i-Vu v7 system , allowing them to examine detailed performance data for all of the HVAC equipment in their building. Unique graphics for each piece of equipment also give operators total insight and control, bringing the big picture into sharp focus with a 360 degree view of the building’s entire operation.

In addition to the above features, i-Vu v7 system also includes a new color data mapping tool, which allows any data point in the system to be represented as a color rather than a value for quick interpretation of building conditions at a glance. Security enhancements are also included per our ongoing commitment to customer security.

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