NaturalSof Water Treatment Products Released for Residential Use

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – NaturalSof, exclusive provider of proprietary commercial non-chemical water treatment in the U.S.A., has released newly designed consumer products for residential plumbing protection from hard water damage. Hundreds of commercial properties have benefited for almost a decade now from the technology and now millions of homeowners can enjoy this healthy, maintenance free and environmentally beneficial solution, as well.

Hydrochloric acid is a common additive to cooling towers on commercial buildings and NaturalSof has been able to help commercial customers eliminate that strain on nature. States like California have led the charge to minimize the amount of sodium that is released into our environment via salt-based water softeners. Over the last several years, cities where the discharge was found to be too environmentally harmful have managed “softener surrender and rebate programs” that provide government-funded rebates to responsible homeowners who participate.

NaturalSof works similar to a catalytic converter in a car that reduces harmful airborne contaminants. The proprietary process is focusing on and converting the calcium (the root of hard water issues) into a safe, non-binding format. After introducing this internationally proven technology almost a decade ago to the U.S. market, NaturalSof is leading the safe water treatment market as the sole source for commercial and residential applications.