Modine Granted New Hot Gas Reheat System Patent

Modine Manufacturing Company has been granted a patent for the Hot Gas Reheat System option used in its Atherion commercial packaged ventilation units. This patent adds to Modine’s more than 2,400 global patents in the area of thermal innovation.

This patented design manages and reduces the refrigerant charge required in an HGRH system while taking advantage of efficiency and performance improvements through the use of a full-height HGRH coil for heating dehumidified air in a dedicated outdoor air system.

The system is intelligently controlled by the advanced microprocessor-based Modine Controls System to ensure precise supply air temperature control while maintaining system refrigerant sub-cooling through a reduction of overall system internal volume.

The patented Modine design provides:

  • Ability to adjust the total volume of the system. If low-reheat capacity is required, one circuit is disabled to lower the system’s internal volume and keep more refrigerant flowing through the system.
  • Ability to vary the internal volume and allow for reduced fan energy consumption.
  • Fully modulating adaptive control for precise supply air temperature control in a wide range of operating conditions.

You can find more information under U.S. patent US9964346B2/Canadian Patent 2781388/European Patent EP2660539B1 (Inventor: Yi Hua).

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