ASHRAE Announces Nominees for 2019-20 Slate of Officers, Directors

ASHRAE announced its nominees for the 2019-20 slate of officers and directors during its 2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nominations for officers and directors were made by the ASHRAE Nominating Committee from a list recommended by individual members and from chapters’ regional conferences.

The 2019-2020 nominees are as follows:

  • President-elect: Chuck Gulledge
  • Treasurer: Mick Schwedler
  • Vice presidents: Bill McQuade, Bill Dean, Dennis Knight and Farooq Mehboob
  • Director and regional chairs: Steve Marek (Region IV), Douglas Zentz (Region V), Richard Hermans (Region VI), Robin Bryant (Region XII ) and Apichit Lumlertpongpana (Region XIII)
  • Directors-at-large: Kelley Cramm, Jaap Hogeling and Ashish Rakheja
  • Alternate director-at-large: Kishor Khankari

ASHRAE members will vote on the nominees via electronic ballot in May. Darryl Boyce will serve as ASHRAE president for the 2019-20 society year.

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