FläktGroup SEMCO Adds New Fire and Safety Business Division

FläktGroup SEMCO has added a new Fire and Safety Division. The product lines available from this division include fire-rated panels, tunnel fans and parking garage fans.

The fan product lines for this division were developed by FläktGroup, and has been made available to customers in the United States and Canada, manufactured and assembled in the United States by FläktGroup SEMCO. They are designed to be installed in spaces that require ventilation from both day-to-day pollution and emergency smoke.

The fire rated panels, sold as part the SEMCO PANL Solutions product line, are known as FR-PANL Solutions, a National Fire Protection Association 251-compliant acoustical/thermal panel for HVAC system and power generating enclosure, plenum, ductwork and structural wall barrier applications. In addition to a low-thermal transfer rate, its integrated structure and acoustical protection make this product code-compliant for many applications.

For more information, visit www.semcohvac.com.