Humidicycle System Conserves Water, Extends Life of Filtration Systems

Cold climate home HVAC systems often feature humidifiers to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for the occupants, but many are unaware of the massive waste of their drinking water during the humidifier operation. The standard in the industry is a flow-through device that humidifies the home using water that flows over a pad and moisture is introduced to the home air by evaporation. As necessary as these devices are for comfort and health, the waste can be tremendous—up to 16 ounces wasted every 64 seconds of operation, potentially hundreds of gallons daily and thousands over the course of a heating season.

Until now. JB Solutions, Inc. has developed its Humidicycle system to recycle all of the water passing over the humidifier pad with zero waste. The inventors, Jim and Brian Patterson, a father and son team in Massachusetts, recently completed their data gathering for the 2018-2019 winter season.

“I’m extremely happy with the data we collected over the past several days. We have metered 14 installations and recorded roughly 32,000 gallons of water to date that we have been able to eliminate as waste. The water conservation is huge but other benefits also need to be factored in. Less waste water means less wear on the homeowner’s septic systems or the municipalities’ wastewater treatment system. The reduced water use extends the life of a home’s water filtration system and, if water/sewer fees apply, a reduction on those expenses as well. One little known fact is that for every three degrees one can reduce a home’s comfort temperature, there will be a one percent savings in heating energy use. Maintaining a higher-relative humidity level in our homes allows us to feel more comfortable at lower room temps. The Humidicycle allows us to humidify without the extreme waste of a precious resource, our drinking water.”

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