New App Saves Time, Money for Tradespeople

Tradespeople face a lot of tough decisions every day. One of the most common and weighted decisions is where they are going to get their parts. Too often, they rely solely on Google when finding wholesalers, which results in them commuting too far and paying too much to do their jobs. Phyxter acts as their virtual business partner by curating a contact list of nearby wholesalers and sending their quote request to multiple businesses at once. Each wholesaler receives an instant message, and they can quickly and easily reply, so the tradesperson can compare value and promptly make the best decision so their business can run more profitably.

Phyxter is a mobile app that instantly connects Canadian and American tradespeople to multiple nearby parts wholesalers through a dynamic instant messenger. Users send out one quote request that goes to multiple nearby suppliers so they can easily see who offers the best value. The result leaves HVAC, plumbing and electrical tradespeople with more money in their pockets while giving them more time to utilize their billable skills or maximize their personal time.

The app also benefits local wholesalers by putting them on the same playing field as the large industry giants, because tradespeople can now decide where to make a purchase based on value instead of who shows up on the first page of Google.

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