RectorSeal Acquires All-Access Brand of HVAC Condensate Management Products

RectorSeal LLC recently acquired the assets of MSD Research including its All-Access brand of air conditioning system condensate management products.

All-Access is a brand of air conditioning mechanical float switches, drain line cleanout devices and supporting accessories invented by Stuart Oakner, MSD Research president. Recent revisions to the International Mechanical Code’s condensate drain line maintenance section has increased All-Access’ popularity among HVAC service technicians, especially products featuring an easy entry cleanout design that eliminates the need to cut the 3/4-inch drain pipe for access. While All-Access complies with new construction codes, it also complements RectorSeal’s retrofit-oriented Safe-T-Switch.

Traditional HVAC/R distributors will be able to buy All-Access products from RectorSeal, which is transitioning its marketing, sales and customer support for All-Access and merging the website into

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